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Discover the heart of our operations at SnowCore's Skylink Datacenter, a pinnacle of technological innovation and security.

Why Choose Us

As your business soars to new heights, we ensure your data center capabilities effortlessly keep pace. Our highly scalable infrastructure seamlessly accommodates your burgeoning demands, ensuring uninterrupted service and flawless performance. Whether you require a single server or an all-encompassing private suite, our customizable solutions adapt to your ever-evolving business goals.

  • Early Fire Detection
  • 24/7 Security service
  • Camera Protection
  • Reliable cooling and air conditioning
  • Peering at DE-CIX & AMS-IX
  • Cold and hot aisle arrangement

At SnowCore, we recognize that downtime is simply not an option. That’s why our facility is engineered with redundancy at its very core, delivering unparalleled reliability and seamless operations to our clients. With dual power feeds, solar power integration, Dual UPS battery backups, automatic emergency generator feed, and redundant cooling systems working harmoniously, your critical infrastructure stays online 24/7, 365 days a year. As part of our unwavering commitment to reliability, we have strategically invested in multiple diverse dark fiber paths that directly link into our facility. This proactive approach guarantees that your network will remain resilient and operational, even in the rare event of a fiber line cut. Trust that your invaluable data and applications are in secure hands, shielded from unforeseen circumstances and power fluctuations.

Interxion FRA14